Center for the Study of Atheism the scarlet letter of atheism

supporting the academic study of the phenomenon of atheism
through religious history & across world cultures

  • to support academic research and scholarship on the phenomenon of atheism.

  • to promote the introspective study of atheism as a multifaceted religious phenomenon whose study is necessary for the understanding of religion in general.

  • to make available to scholars the lastest and best in contemporary scholarship on the historical and multicultural dimensions of atheism, with a particular emphasis on phenomenology.

  • to advocate for the inclusion of Atheism Studies in the American Academy of Religion and university-level Religious Studies departments.

  • to encourage the idea of atheism being an inherent and positive component within all cultures and religions.

  • to create an online library, gathering together texts that would otherwise be difficult to find, to make CSA an effective research center for topics in atheism and religion.

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