the Dao of Atheism :jeffers' petroglyph, pre-dakota, minnesota : the Shaman Atheist 83/83
The hardcopy text of the Dao of Atheism is set in Optimum, the text of the Shaman Atheist is set in Goudy Old Style,
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(68000) Macintosh SE 4/46, Quark XPress 3.1,
output to an Apple Personal LaserWriter NT,
and printed in Hixson, Tennessee.
The graphics are pre-Dakota petroglyphs
from Jeffers in southwestern Minnesota.

tom kunesh is from Minnesota,
currently live in Tennessee,
and works as a religious
educator and typesetter.

critical mass publishing
est. 1986
Starr King School for Religious Leadership
Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California
Marc Estrin, Jaco ten Hove, tom kunesh

28. Critical mass.
The structure bends
to the breaking point.
It is advantageous to
have a goal in mind.
Then, there will be progress.
The honest (wood) is
submerged in excess (lake),
forming the condition
for critical mass.

An independent person,
therefore, can act
independently without fear
and can withdraw from the world
and not become discouraged.

If critical mass is your hexagram,
the time is one of transition.
Take action now to dispense with or
escape from the coming
complexities of the situation.

the I Ching Coloring Book
by Rita Aero 1994

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