Leo Apostel: Mysticism, ritual and atheism

in Leo Apostel, Rik Pinxten, et al., Religious atheism?
(E.Story-Scientia: Belgium 1982)

Quite on the contrary, our atheist will be a person for whom God is extremely important, who takes the problem of His existence or non-existence as serious and relevant, and who is positively and totally committed to the belief "that nothing in reality (not even the totality) deserves unconditional respect." The very seriousness of this conviction made us use the emotionally charged word "atheism" rather than a more neutral designation. The use of this word also radically separates us from those social bodies, which, putting all the stress on deep human needs, falsify (so we believe) and corrupt man's dealings with the sacred (we are speaking about all positive religious bodies without exception--although such an indictment can naturally only be meant to strike its heterogeneous objects with different degrees of rejection). 16

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