Atheism in Modern Times

Soviet State anti-theism: the Militant League
Russian non-religious philosophy (Catholic Church)
Humanism = atheism (Also see Marx)
John Dietrich, founder of Religious Humanism
Sherwin Wine's Jewish Humanism
Kenneth L. Patton, the Happy atheist: a humanist religion
Unitarian Universalist atheists: from Christianity to Transcendentalism to Humanism to ...
American Ethical Union nontheism in the "Argue not concerning God" Whitman tradition
Agnosticism: Thomas Huxley on the creation of the term
Gordon Stein on the Meaning of Agnosticism
Madalyn Murray O'Hair on agnosticism
American Atheists,Inc.
Madalyn Murray O'Hair on being The Atheist and definitions
Jon Murray on types and pseudonmyms of atheism
American Atheists Inc. on Jewish Atheists
George Smith on Anti-theism

Atheist/Freethought/Secular sources on the net ...
the alt.atheism web
The Secular Web
the Freethought Web itself
Ayn Rand's Objectivism
Morality Without God by Robert G. Ingersoll
Yahoo's Society and Culture:Religion:Atheism

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