Atheism in Christianity

Ancient Christianity
Jesus (Matthew) & Paul on nonbelief
Christian Atheism in the Roman Empire
Paganism, Rome & Christianity

Modern Christians on atheism
Aquinas on the sin of unbelief
-Pascal's thoughts on atheism (1656)
-Dostoevsky (1872)
De Lubac on the atheist believer
H. Duméry on atheism as a purifying force
Etienne Borne, atheisms of solitude and solidarity
Paul Tillich (1952)
+Lepp on atheism in our time (1963)
the Modern Roman Catholic Church on atheism - Gaudium et spes (1965)
Karl Rahner, S.J., Vatican II on atheism
the Vatican's Secretariat for Non-Believers
-Schilling on responding to atheists (1969)
-Miceli on the gods of atheism (1971)
Christianity requires theism
-States' Official Anti-Atheism (Tennessee, South Carolina)
-U.S. President George Bush on atheists (1989)
-Mormon Prez blasts atheists (1996)

son: Why are you getting so upset Dad? You don't even believe in God.
father: That doesn't mean I'm going to stop being a good Catholic.
From the movie: SHE'S THE ONE
son - Mickey Fitzpatrick - EDWARD BURNS
father - Mr. Fitzpatrick- JOHN MAHONEY

Christian Atheism
Atheism in Christianity: german jewish marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch
Sea of Faith: exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation
John Spong: retired NJ Episcopalian bishop
Atheists for Jesus: belief in the basic message of Jesus
Charles Maurras: anti-democratic atheist Catholic (1899)
Miguel de Unamuno: Catholic atheist (1933)
Graham Greene: Catholic atheist (1940)
Michael Harrington: cultural Catholic (1983)
Episcopalian atheists (1997)

Liberation Theology
Alfredo Fierro & the militant gospel
Pérez-Esclarín: atheism & liberation
Enrique Dussel & atheistic antifetishism
Pablo Richard & anti-idolatry
Míguez Bonino on Bloch
Jon Sobrino: atheism & the poor
Gustavo Gutierez: non-believers & non-persons

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