Atheism in Christianity: the Religion of the Exodus and the Kingdom by Ernst Bloch, Herder & Herder, New York 1972, and photo from book jacket Ernst Bloch: Atheism in Christianity
the religion of the Exodus and the Kingdom
(Herder & Herder: NY 1972)
Only an atheist can be a good Christian;
only a Christian can be a good atheist.

When Christians are really concerned with the emancipation of those who labor and are heavy-laden, and when Marxists retain the depths of the Kingdom of Freedom as the real content of revolutionary consciousness on the road to becoming true substance, the alliance between revolution and Christianity founded in the Peasant Wars may live again--this time with success. Florian Geyer, the great fighter of those wars, is reputed to have had the words "Nulla crux, nulla corona" scratched on the blade of his sword. That could be the motto of a Christianity free, at last, from alienation. And the far-reaching, inexhaustible depths of emancipation in those words could also serve as a motto for a Marxism aware of its depths. 272-3

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