Atheism in music: Andrew Prieboy / Concrete Blond

tomorrow, Wendy

This song written by Andrew 'Andy' Prieboy of Wall of Vodoo fame. The original version found on Prieboy's album 'Upon My Wicked Sun' is a duet with Jeanette N. from Concrete Blonde, while the version on Concrete Blonde's album 'Bloodletting' is mainly sung by Jeanette N. with Andy Prieboy doing the backing vocals.

It is complete now -
two ends of time
are neatly tied
a one-way street,
she's walking to the
end of the line
and there she meets
the faces she keeps in
her heart and mind

They say "Goodbye -
tomorrow, Wendy,
you're going to die."

underneath the chilly
grey November sky
we can make believe that
Kennedy is still alive
we're shooting for
the moon and smiling
Jackie's driving by

They say "Good try -
tomorrow, Wendy,
you're going to die."

I told the priest -
"don't count on
any second coming.
God got his ass kicked
the first time he
came down here slumming
He had the balls to come,
the gall to die and then
forgive us -
No, I don't wonder why
I wonder what he thought
it would get us." -

Hey hey, good bye -
tomorrow Wendy's
going to die

But God says "jump",
so I set the time
'cause if he ever saw it
it was through these eyes of mine
and if He ever suffered
it was me who did His crying ...
Hey, hey, good bye ...

- bloodletting 1991

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