Episcopalian atheists

Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 31 
The Washington Post,  Sunday, December 28, 1997; Page C03
The Year's Weirdest News
By Chuck Shepherd

At the Edge of Credulity

UNCLEAR ON THE CONCEPT: In May, Scripps Howard News Service 
profiled former lawyer James Kelley of Washington DC, one 
of a small group at his local church who are enthusiastic 
Episcopalians but who say they do not believe in God. 
Said Kelley, "We all love the incense, the stained-glass windows, 
the organ music, the vestments, and all of that. It's drama. 
It's aesthetics. It's the ritual. That's neat stuff. 
I don't want to give all that up, just because 
I don't believe in God." 

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