Atheism in Christianity

Protestantism and Science ...
For Darwin, and his predecessor in formulating the evolutionary theory, Lamarck, were interpreted, not only to deny the story of Creation in the first chapters of Genesis, but to rule out any theory of creation whatever. At the same time, some of the philosophic successors of Hegel had transformed his spiritual monism into materialism, and they loudly welcomed the support of the theory of evolution. Ludwig Büchner and Ernst Haeckel, particularly, sprang forward as champions of a mechanistc materialism which left no room for God. (Feuerbach had concluded thirty years earlier, in 1841: "Anthropology is the secret of theology. God is man worshipping himself. The Trinity is the human family deified." 41) And in England, Thomas Huxley and Herbert Spencer increased the sense of outrage among the conservatives by rejecting the doctrine of an impassible gulf between man and the beasts and arguing instead for the theory that man has emerged by slow evolution from the anthropoid apes. 41
-- Alfred Weber, History of philosophy, translated by Frank Thilly from 6th French edition (Chas. Scribner's Sons: NY 1896) p 562, quoting Feuerbach's Essence of Christianity 1841, in footnote 1.- John B. Noss, Man's religions (Macmillan: NY 1956) p 675

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