Atheism in contemporary Theology

Deconstruction and theology Thomas J. J. Altizer, et al.
(Crossroad: NY 1982)

Humanism is not only the religion of secular modernity, but its core formation of power, knowledge, and language. Anthropology is doubtlessly theology in this sense--it has not only its scholars but its ecclesia and inquisition.
25, Carl A. Raschke, "The deconstruction of God"

If, as Nietzsche anticipates, deconstruction is the hermeneutic of the death of God, then the death of God is the (a)theology of deconstruction. A death of God (a)theology, however, really is a radical Christology. ...
A death of God (a)theology, which is really a radical Christology, finds its completion in the crucifixion of the individual self and the resurrection of universal humanity.
70, 73 - Mark C. Taylor, "Text as victim"

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