Atheism in Music

In the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 1995 CD _One Hot Minute_,
there is the song "Shallow Be Thy Game" ...
I was not created in the likeness of a fraud 
Your hell is something scary 
I prefer a loving god 
We are not the center of this funny universe 
And what is something worse
I do not serve
In fear of such a curse
	Shallow be thy game
	2000 years look in the mirror
	You play the game of shame
	And tell your people live in fear
A rival to the way you see
The bible let him be
I'm a threat to your survival
And your control company

You'll never burn me
You'll never burn me
I will be your heretic
You can't contain me
I am the power free
Truth belongs to everybody

To anyone who's listenin'
You're not born into sin
The guilt they try and give you
Puke it in the nearest bin
	Missionary madness
	Sweep up culture with a broom
	Trashing ancient ways
	Is par for the course
	It's fucking rude

To think that you're above
The laws of nature is a joke
Purple sashes feeding masses
Smoke on which to choke
	I might be a monkey
	When it comes to being holy
	Fundamental hatred
	Get down on your knees and


thanks to Cabrutus locratz@geocities.com

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