Atheism in Hinduism

response to "Does Hinduism allow atheism?"

Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997
From: P B


The article "Does Hinduism allow atheism" in your site by Sujoi Karampuri is slanted and chauvinistic and should not form a part of your otherwise excellent and objective website on atheism. The author's viewpoints are similar to the ones put forth by the Hindu fundamentalist RSS of India and their supporters overseas.

Quotes by the author such as "Alien religions are 'Islam' and 'Christianity'" and "Any person who lives in Indian sub-continent and thus lives accordingly to it's life style is a HINDU" attest to my contention that the mindset of the author is a byproduct of a biased view of Hinduism and religion espoused by the now-powerful "Sangh Parivar" of India as we call it.

I hope you would forward this email to people in charge of maintaining this website and either take out this article or post a balancing view of Hinduism -- a religion that certainly includes atheism but belittles it.

If you are interested, I can send you an article on the "other side of Hinduism" that might balance the above author's purposefully one-sided viewpoints.




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