Atheism in Satanism

personal story of a satanic atheist
-- from a private email msg from a guy who referred to himself as a satanic atheist, cited here anonymously.

I was raised as a Christian, believed and praised God for awhile, then I started to prefer satan's doings over god's. I almost got mixed into satanism, but I stayed away, because I quit believing in god. I was not an athiest yet, though. I believed that there was a god or gods, I just didn't think it was the one mentioned in the bible. So I started to believe in an evil religion, based on the ancient Sumerian religion, lots of things described in the book of the dead worked and after awhile I connected that all religion is, is a place to put your trust into, something to believe in, no gods of supernatural powers, no demons that will rip the flesh off your bones, just humans, and their intense brain power.

***That was just my religious background (whew)***

My family life, yuck, I have to parents who have tried to keep me under their total dictation all of my life, I hate my mother, intensly, and my father is nice until he doesn't get what he wants (spoiled brat syndrome). The sad thing is I see alot of those two in me, therefore it is hard to like my actions and judgments alot of the time.I definetly would rather rip somebody to shreds than help them cross the road even, I'm very unsympathetic to bums, I know its hard to get a job, but its the tax payers money that keeps their worthless hide alive. I don't like criples or retards either, I feel very sympathetic towards them, but I'd rather see them dead than living in this world all of their lives spunging off of the tax payers just like the other two.I love blood. nothing makes me more happy than seeing an ass hole get his body torn to shreds. I like to steel, I love the rush it gives me. I'm a sick horny pervert, but my girlfriend likes that. I swear on gods name at least twice a day to show people he has no reign over me. And all of that is "wrong" in a world based on a stupid little 700 paged book. Sorry, but no book will ever tell me how to run my life.

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